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Democrats Plot To Take Over Again

FBCStaff-Democrats say this time they really mean it.
“If everything works out like Texas Democrats hope, 2018 could be a throwback to 1990, the last time they won the governor’s office.”

Democrats just don’t get it.  Identity politics are devisive.

“At the recent Texas Tribune Festival, at the end of the “Democratic Playbook” panel discussion, an audience member asked what the Democrats’ message was. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Gilbert Hinojosa, said it was about the economy — and wasn’t about playing “identity politics.”

Wendy Davis, the 2014 gubernatorial candidate, took issue with that, saying she was “flummoxed” about why the party wouldn’t talk about identity — i.e., women’s rights, LGBT rights — since, after all, discrimination keeps people from achieving economic opportunity.

Intellectually, Davis is right. But elections aren’t won on who is intellectually right or wrong.”

The reason a democrat hasn’t won the governor’s office since 1990 is “identity politics,” and Texans don’t like their hate rhetoric or their policies.

Tassin vs Sen Huffman, will the democrats pin their hope on Lt Guv Straus and sidekick Tx Rep John Zerwas, etc?  Stay tuned 2018 will be an interesting year.


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