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Is Kris Allfrey a Threat to the Community?

FBCStaff-On a local neighborhood community board there was a discussion about sharing golf cart paths with pedestrians and Kris went on the attack:
“Kris Allfrey, Quail Valley Thunderbird·9m agoNew
It is the figurative lying bastard child of King Owen. What’s it like to be a nobody that sucks up to a classless King? Must be very lonely! Cause all you can do is lie, lie and tell a few more lies. Who else have you whored yourself out to? Oh yeah, Rick Miller. How much money did he pay you to tell all those lies?”

Extremely harsh words and over the top attack on another commenter.  Should we as a community be alarmed?  Allfrey is well known in the community as a constant complainer.  His facebook page called Missouri City Concerns(complainers) is magnet for victims real or perceived.  Many vent their rage there using half truths, rumors and in some cases blatant lies.  Here is an example of Kris spreading false information:

“”Kris Allfrey
16 hrs · Missouri City, TX
Missouri City finally decided at 1030pm to notify residents in Quail Valley to evacuate. No way to drive out of the subdivision. If you have a one story house get out. If you have a two story house start moving furniture to the second floor. Lets all pray they are wrong and we do not flood.”
Of course this caused some to panic:
“Sarah R. So where did this guy get his information from? Anybody know?
Sarah R. Jeanie C. he’s just somebody who likes to bitch about Missouri City constantly. Looked at his page and seems he makes it a full time job. I have so many words to describe him right now
Jeanie C He literally had my whole family freaking out just now because we live in quail valley east and are just barely outside of an evacuation zone. Smh
Sarah R. Kris Allfrey !! You just put people in a panic!! The map is updated CONSTANTLY and the whole neighborhood of Quail Valley IS NOT under evacuation. Putz!!!””

Why would anyone put out false and misleading information during a hurricane?  This shows a disturbing pattern of vitriol directed at elected officials and anyone who disagrees with him.

Will this individual go off track someday and hurt a group of people?  Is he a threat to the community?




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