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Serve and Protect or Generate Revenue?

FBCStaff-You as a tax payer might think you’re paying for a police officer to serve and protect you. But unfortunately that isn’t how some politicians think:
“Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella has recently been talking about the city getting “maximum productivity” from its employees in order to increase the revenues. ”
Some politicians see taxpayer funded police officers as “revenue generators”
“Scarcella went on to say that the police chief has told him it’s not his job to worry about generating dollars but it is his job to keep citizens safe. “To me that’s a flimsy excuse and we lose millions of dollars we could collect from tickets — at least another $1 million from having written traffic citations rather than tickets.””,1334,1507982893989

What do you think?  Are police officers to protect and serve or write tickets?

This is the main reason I avoid doing business in Stafford.

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