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Right and Wrong as Opposed to Legalism

FBCStaff-I spoke to a political consultant about his tactics of placing his candidate’s sign next to an incumbent in the last Missouri City election. He was attempting to deceive voters into thinking the incumbent supported his candidate when they didn’t. His response was, I didn’t do anything illegal.”
For some of us legalism has become an acceptable guideline replacing our moral compass.
Another example:
An acquaintance looks for dogs being rehomed and tells the owners she has always wanted that type of dog. After keeping the dog for a few days she then sells the dog on Craig’s list.

To me that is despicable, but she makes a profit and that is what drives her.

What the political consultant does is deceitful, but to him it is about winning at all costs.

We see this behavior in our politicians, with the redistribution of wealth.  Some want to take what belongs to someone and give it to someone else under the guise of fairness.

Some think the answer is a plethora of rules and regulations to attempt to control behavior.  We should know by now, we cannot regulate behavior.

Then what does?

It is called a moral compass, defined by your moral fabric.  Your moral fabric is defined of your personality, environment and your upbringing.  It defines you as a human being.

To some the end results justify the means.  To some doing the right thing is more important.

We saw a great example after Hurricane Harvey.  We saw people working tirelessly to help those in need.  We saw some giving selfishly to raise money and supplies for those in need.  Then we saw politicians who gave nothing, forcing themselves into the spotlight to bring home the bacon regardless of the need.  That is the great divide that exists in our political parties.

The slippery slope in choosing legalism over right and wrong is a short step away from justifying breaking the rules or the law to accomplish the desired results.

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