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Missouri City Council no Longer Listens to voters

FBCStaff-Missouri City Elections are being held and one of the props is about the date the election is to be held:
“Proposition E changes the words in the Charter to make them consistent with City Council Resolution No. R-16-32, which changed the election date from May to November.

Will the City go back to a May election date if voters decide not to change the election date in the Charter?
No. State law allows a home-rule municipality to change its election date from May to November by resolution no later than Dec. 31, 2016. The City Council of the City of Missouri City did so in 2016. State law also provides that the election date change in a resolution such as the one passed by the City Council in 2016 supersedes a city charter provision that requires a different election date. Therefore, if Proposition E fails, the City will continue to have November elections.”

So why vote if our votes don’t count? The Charter Review Committee did not recommend the date change. Four of the council forced this change on us in a 4-3 vote. Two of the council members Smith and Maroulis were adamant that voters not be surveyed or allowed to vote on the change.

Maroulis did not get one vote last election.  He and Robin Elackatt cut a backroom deal where he filed at the last minute and Elackatt then resigned after the filing period closed.  Maroulis in his campaign literature says, “I will continue to be receptive to community concerns and listen to citizen input.”  So why didn’t he want citizens to be surveyed or allowed to vote on moving the election?  I’ve never had a conversation with Maroulis and he did not lie to me.  Not once.

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