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Turnout Down 42% for Missouri City November Election

FBCStaff-Some promised a larger turnout by moving the elections to November.  Instead moving the elections to November, the turnout decreased by over 40% from the 2016 election. But they did not get what they really wanted which was a change in the power structure between the council and the city manager.  As the voters saw through their scheme and turned down props 3 and 4 to keep the city a strong mayor and council.  The 2016 election had a total of 5243 voters and the 2017 election had a total of 3051 voters, 42% less.  This follows the trend set by the 2017 school board election where votes were down 47%.  In 2015 election year in Ft Bend muni and school board elections 14842 votes were cast.In 2016, 20,820 votes were cast. In 2017 11,093 votes cast. This is 27% lower than 2015 and 47% lower than 2016.  The ones pushing for the change hopes the lower turnout will help the party not in power.  The democrats have not won a statewide election since 1994 over 23 years.  So democrats are concentrating on muni and school boards hoping to win something.

Moving the election to November does not save the taxpayers money, it did drive down the voter turn out.  Remember the ones who wanted to move the election to November promising a bigger turnout?

It is sad to think politics in Missouri City has sunk to this level.  What you can look for in the coming months is a push for more policy changes, term limits,  adding to debt, more entitlements and a less efficiently ran city.  Next democrats will want term limits so they can be out of office when the bills come due.  If you want examples, look at Houston, Chicago and Detroit.

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