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Young Conservatives of Tx Release Ratings and It Isn’t Pretty

FBCStaff-We can all agree the last legislative session wasn’t pretty. What surprised me was the highest rating by the Young Conservatives of Texas for Ft Bend County Reps was Rep John Zerwas with a 66, Rep Miller at 61, Rep Stephenson at 58 and bringing up the rear was Rep Reynolds with a rating of 11.

Ft Bend County was not well represented.

Speaker Straus ran a less than stellar session fighting the conservatives on every issues.  But what should bother us more is the lack of disregard for the rules and the scandals.  Rep Tawanna Dukes admitted she lied, falsely charging the tax payers for per diem when she did not go to the Capitol Building.  According to the Tx House Staff this was a common practice.  In other words others were doing the same thing, charging per diem and not being present in Austin.  We know there have been instances where votes were cast and the representatives were not in Austin.

This is simply unacceptable and the new speaker needs to address the issues and drain the swamp.  We deserve better than this.

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