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Time for Rep Ron Reynolds to Resign

By FBCStaff-Have we seen the end of Representative Ron Reynolds or will he continue to not represent the values of the people in Fort Bend County?
The Houston Chronicle reported :
“The three-judge appellate panel ruled Wednesday that there was sufficient evidence to convict Reynolds and that the trial judge did not violate any rules relating to the introduction of evidence.
The Missouri City Democrat was sentenced to one year in jail, but he has been out on an appeal bond since his November 2015 conviction.
Reynolds has served in the Texas House of Representatives since 2011. He was re-elected in 2016, months after his conviction on five misdemeanor charges of barratry, more commonly known as “ambulance chasing.”

Reynolds says he has no plans to resign:

“Reynolds, who alleged in 2015 that he was the victim of racial bias and that his conviction amounted to a “modern-day lynching,” said Thursday that he has no plans to resign following the appellate court’s decision. Texas law allows individuals with misdemeanor convictions to hold public office.

In 2016, Reynolds’ law license was suspended, he filed for bankruptcy and was ordered to pay $504,000 for failing to give the proper share of a settlement to a fatal crash victim’s mother. ”

At the Missouri City Leadership Luncheon Rep Reynolds deliberately misled his audience stating the Texas economy was faltering when it was #1 for all states in GDP for the 1st quarter of 2017.

Reynolds should do the right thing and resign so we can elect someone that represents our values.

Missouri City deserves better than this.  Since Reynolds has been in office the Missouri City Council has taken a hard lurch to the left bringing in the “fired” or “resigned” Anthony Snipes from Austin.  We need a city manager that returns calls about issues in the city.  We need a City Attorney that follows the law and the city charter and doesn’t make decisions based on person beliefs or desired outcomes.

Time to put an end to a faction that is determined to remake Missouri City into another Detroit.

We deserve better representation.

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