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Major Taxpayers Win in Homestead Case

FBCStaff-Have you noticed a pattern with some taxing authorities ignoring certain laws?
“Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced a victory for Texas homeowners after the Gregg County Court granted all relief requested by the attorney general in the local option homestead exemption case involving Kilgore ISD’s violation of Texas Senate Bill 1. The decision by the Gregg County Court comes nearly two months after the Texarkana Court of Appeals affirmed the right of Attorney General Paxton to continue the lawsuit and pursue compliance with the law.”

Texas SB1 in 2015 gives property owners a reduction in taxes:

The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1 and Senate Joint Resolution 1 in May 2015 with near universal support, and 86 percent of voters ratified the amendment in the same year, marking one of the highest amendment margins in recent history. Because the Legislature paid for the tax breaks in the state budget, the law provided a property tax reduction to homesteaders in Texas with no downside to school districts. Nevertheless, some school districts chose to reduce or repeal their local option homestead exemption and assess homeowners a tax rate that violated the law.”

This is simply another example of big government over reach by choosing which laws to ignore.  Choosing to ignore our laws is unacceptable.  Choosing to ignore appointed committees recommendations and taxpayers is a trend that has become more prevalent among democrats.  An example, the Missouri City Charter Review Committee met and recommended the city not move the city’s election date to November.  Democrats Maroulis, Ford, Smith, and Preston on the Missouri City Council ignored their recommendations and voted to move the election resulting in a drastically lower voter turnout.  Taking advantage of the lower turnout the city manger stacked the ballot with propositions to give him the authority to hire/fire combine/disband departments without council over sight.  Fortunately voters saw through the wording and voted the propositions down.

This trend will continue as democrats continue to lose power in Texas.  They simply choose to ignore our laws, their appointed committees recommendations and the tax payers wants and needs.



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