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Missouri City Breaks Promise to Taxpayers

FBCStaff-The Missouri City Council was faced with a falling housing market  and needed a .05 cent tax increase to make up for a budget shortfall. As the housing market started to recover the council voted to give .01 cent back to the taxpayers. All but two council members voted to approve the decrease in taxes. Council member Preston said he didn’t understand the issue so he voted against it, and Council member Ford was not present. After the one cent reduction in 2017 the council voted a .06 cent hike even though housing values went up by an average of 12%. We have basically the same members so what has changed. Councilman Maroulis was not on council until after he and Councilman Elackatt did their backroom deal and apparently he doesn’t feel he owes the citizen of Missouri City an explanation.

Judge Emmitt of Harris County is doing the same thing:

“”As values go up, tax rates should be going down,” Bettencourt told an annual meeting of the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association with Emmett just a few dozen feet away.”

I can understand Houston and Harris County as it is mostly ran by democrats, but is Missouri City now run by the tax and spend democrats?  Our housing values were up almost 12% in 2017 and the city still needs a .06 cents/hundred increase?

Maybe Council member Preston should become a property owner and pay property taxes, maybe then he could understand how taxes work.  I do not trust Council members Maroulis and Preston’s judgement to make these decisions.

This will be the first of many broken promises.  Get ready for the rest that comes with a democrat ran city government; waste, fraud and entitlements instead of essential services.



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