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Missouri City in Turmoil as Democrats Divide City

FBCStaff-Missouri City has long been recognized as a great place to raise your family. But that is changing, it is now a divided city by design. Let’s look at events leading us to where we are today.

In 2014 democrats used illegal tactics to get Chris Preston elected:

Misleading Voters

But what if the target audience of each message was reversed?

This is precisely what happened in the recent election for City Councilman. In mail pieces and automated phone calls sent to Republican voters, the first statement was used to deceptively describe sitting Councilman Danny Nguyen (a Republican) as a liberal. This led some to believe he intended to raise taxes and give amnesty to people who broke our laws to get here. None of it was true.

The second line went to Democratic households who, presumably, would not support a member of the Tea Party. They were led to believe that Danny Nguyen is an extreme conservative.

This dirty shadow campaign succeeded in ousting a sitting Republican City Councilman who, I am told, served the citizens well.

Evading Election Laws

The sender, in violation of Texas law, is a mystery. In Texas, political communications must carry a disclaimer so the recipient knows who funded the message. I personally reviewed several political mailers in this race and they did not have the required political disclaimer. We cannot tell who sent them. The automated telephone calls did not identify who originated the call. Voters who might otherwise consider the source could not verify the accuracy or honesty of the message.

These vicious and mean spirited campaigners hid behind secrecy and counted on votes from a deceived (or gullible) electorate, not trusting the outcome of an honest campaign. They obviously believed they couldn’t win without breaking the law and lying. In their view, the end justified the means.”

Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen questioned the dirty tactics by democrats received an email from Democrat Chair Don Bankston stating, “it was only politics.”  As if that somehow justified the actions.  The most humorous incident of that election, after Chris Preston was sworn in he made the comment, “to God be the glory.”  Was Preston not aware these tactics had been used?  Surely no one is that clueless. In Council member Preston’s first major vote he voted against a tax decrease.  He had campaigned on lower taxes so when a local news source questioned his vote he responded, “he didn’t understand the issue.”  Maybe he should try paying property taxes and maybe then he could understand the issue.

Some mention the ties of Chris Preston and Atty Michael Harris:

“We have an intruder,” said long-time Missouri City political and community activist, Margaret Garner.

“It’s Michael Harris, a Houston attorney who is meddling in Missouri City business,” said Garner, who began the conversation by explaining that she’d decided not to get involved in the upcoming May 9 election until recently when she decided she had to.

Garner said, “Harris, who offices in Houston, confided to me that he wants to get enough people elected to Missouri City council so he will be able to get some of the city’s big contracts.” Obviously, she said, Harris didn’t know he was talking to the wrong person.”,1351,1513093433578

Next in 2015 Anthony Maroulis after denying he would run for the District C seat, filed at the last minute and the following week Councilman Elackatt resigned handing the seat to Maroulis.  Maroulis has denied repeatedly that he and Elackatt discussed this before hand.  Maroulis is backed by the democrat activist group Missouri City Concerns.
“Elackatt sent a satement to this newspaper announcing his withdrawal last week after press time.

Consequent to Elackatt’s withdrawal, the only other applicant Anthony Maroulis will be elected unopposed.

Though Elackatt filed for re-election, he waited until the nominations closed on Friday, Feb. 27 and withdrew his application subsequently, which ensured Maroulis’ election.”

I haven’t had a conversation with Marlouis that he didn’t try to mislead or was fully honest.  Maroulis strikes me as either someone who lies to you and gets off on knowing you know he’s lying to you, or he’s simply a habitual liar.

That gave Missouri City a council member elected by less than ethical means and a council member not elected by voters and they immediately set out to change Missouri City.  First they cast the deciding votes along with the 2 long time democrats in a 4-3 vote to bring in Anthony Snipes as city manager.  Snipes was a former assistant manager in Austin with baggage:

“Assistant City Manager Anthony Snipes invited Ft-Lauderdale-based Jonathan K. Allen and Miya Burt-Stewart to deliver a session – amounting to some heavy mansplaining – titled “Women Leading in Local Government” for city staff in March. The speakers asserted that women council members are “less likely to read agenda information”; have a harder time dealing with financial matters and the city budget than men; and act more emotional than men.”

The most damning  statement in the article referred to the report that held Snipes accountable and he tried to shift blame for the training session.

At the December 4th council meeting several citizens spoke to council about concerns in the way the city was being run.  One citizen questioned whether it was worth volunteering.  I. E. a Citizen Charter Committee made recommendations to council that the city election not be moved to November.   Four on council ignored the committee and voted to move the election to November.  Why volunteer or serve if council chooses to ignore your efforts?

Go to item 4 public comments

While some are quick to blame the mayor and Councilman Wyatt, the blame lies squarely with City Manager Snipes and the 4 council members that voted to bring him here.  Citizens are going to present the city with a petition concerning the traffic problems caused by the Glenn Lakes bridge replacement.  This petition is asking the city council to make the city manager do his job.  The question is, “can the city manager do the job?”  In my past dealings with Mr Snipes he has not shown me the skills needed to do the job.  Recently I called him about a decision the city attorney made.  I would like to find out more about how that decision was reached but the city manager doesn’t return calls so I haven’t had the opportunity to discuss the issue with him.

Also, I’m concerned about some of the decisions made by the city attorney, ie a decision was made saying with 2 votes council could block the majority.  This was reviewed by a reputable law firm and the city attorney was incorrect.  The city had to spend money because our city attorney gave incorrect advice.  In my past dealings with the city attorney they have been quick to jump to conclusions without getting all the facts.  This is a concern.

We simply cannot have unqualified people in key management positions in the city.

We simply cannot have council members who lack the judgement to be on council.

The next council meeting will be lively and even more contentious as Missouri City continues to decline.  The past two years has been a disaster under Snipes’s leadership.  We deserve better than this.  Attend the next council meeting or watch on line.

Meanwhile the city is in decline and citizens are unhappy.  How does this help home values?

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