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Blame Game Starts in Missouri City

FBCStaff-Missouri City City Manager Anthony Snipe reached a two year anniversary with the city in turmoil. Volunteers met with council about the animal shelter, apparently there are communication and turf issues about how to run the shelter.  Also, citizens have garnered over 250 signatures for a petition to city council about traffic concerns relating to the Glenn Lakes bridge replacement project.  These issues and concerns are about how the city is being managed by Mr Snipes.  Mr Snipes was backed by a coalition of democrats on council and the Missouri City Concerns activists group backed Anthony Maroulis.

Activists from the Missouri City Concerns crowd immediately started the blame game saying it was the Mayor and Councilman Wyatt’s fault and their favorite council member Anthony Maroulis had all the answers.

Jenny Bailey· Ditto Deborah!! And I can’t believe Wyatt is responding to emails with such wrath. He so represents what is wrong with MoCity. Heartless. Selfish. Arrogant.”

Ms Bailey supports Maroulis:

Jenny Bailey·  I just suggested that in Anthony Maroulis’s FB Page “We are District C.””

not everyone shares her view:

Ruchira Paul·  My council person Anthony Maroulis is totally ineffectual. He said not a word of support to us during the closed chamber meeting.”

some questioned the attacks on politicians:

Gena Tribble·5  I’m not sure how a thread on ways to help the animal shelter keep improving turned into a thread on how all politicians are worthless and the animal shelter is abusing animals”

Ms Bailey toned down her rhetoric:

Jenny Bailey·  I think we’re acting on emotion right now. I am going to delete my comments about politics on this discussion. It just got too personal and didn’t help the animal shelter’s cause or the volunteers. May have even backfired on us. Let’s give city council a chance to discuss solutions.”

I would like to remind Ms Bailey the daily operating decisions to run the city rests with City Manager Snipes and his team.  Maroulis cast the deciding vote in a 4-3 vote to bring Snipes to Missouri City as city manager.
Apparently the city manager was personally involved:

Valerie Tolman·  I don’t know that any TV station was actually contacted. We have a video of them dumping out all the meds. It is City Manager Anthony Snipes, Assistant City Manager Scott Elmer, a supervisor from Public Works Jessica Kokes, someone from the city PR dept Cory Stottlelmeyer and the newly hired animal control officer Beverly Davia (she was just hired from Baytown where the animal shelter faced charges for inhumanely euthanizing animals). Wish I could post the video. Absolutely bizarre to see all of them dumping out medicines like it is a big drug bust.”

It sounds like the dispute is with the volunteers and the city manager.  It appears the petition for city council is about traffic concerns and a lack of response from the city manager.  It appears the volunteers and citizens have concerns about how the city is being managed.  City Council has oversight over the city manager, will they take action or circle the wagons like Sugar Land and protect the city manager?  Can the city manger lead?  We will see at next Monday’s council meeting.

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