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Safety or Entitlements?

FBCStaff-At the last council meeting the council was addressed by 30 minutes of complaints and concerns by citizens about how the city is being managed.  In the public comments the council was presented a petition of safety concerns resulting from the Glenn Lakes bridge closure.  Before the public comments City Manager Snipes gave a statement about the animal center and the Glenn Lakes safety issues.  Snipes spoke from :15 seconds to 7:04 about the animal shelter and from 7:05 to 7:39 about the Glenn Lakes safety issues:

Watch video:

A total of 30 seconds about the Glenn Lakes safety issues.  This tells us he is not involved, doesn’t understand the issues or how serious the problems are.  At this point some on council and the city manager appear to be more concerned with entitlements than safety.

While increased patrols is a good idea it isn’t a solution.  Traffic bumps will not be considered.  The city also mentioned doing traffic studies that is just another deflection.

Glenn Lakes is a problem because it is used as a cut through by many to get to highway 6 from South West Houston.  They currently have 3 options from 2234; Cartwright to 1092, Glenn Lakes or the toll road.  There are actions the city could take to help with traffic flow on Glenn Lakes but it is currently ranked below the animal shelter with almost 7 minutes of Snipes addressing the animal shelter and 30 seconds addressing the Glenn Lakes safety issues. We know both issues rank below the entitlements on 2234 or repairing side walks in District C.

Is that what we want, entitlements before safety?  There are several actions we can take:

  1.  call the city manager @ 281-403-8692
  2.   show up at the next council meeting and speak up.
  3.   We can arrange a meeting at the HOA to discuss the issues.  We can invite our Councilman Emery, and at-large Council members Wyatt and Preston.