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Missouri City Council’s Response to Citizens is lacking

FBCStaff-Many of us are confused by what is happening at council meetings. I.E. at the December 18th meeting, Council Member Preston asked that anyone speaking to council could give the remainder of their time to speak to other addressing council, and council agreed. However, at the Jan 2nd council meeting, comments were limited to one appearance three minutes and time remaining could not be transferred after the second speaker.
We are not sure why city employees seems to be struggling with simple procedures or why there are so many addressing council with complaints. But it is apparent to everyone that council is divided, the city manger is struggling and the citizens are not being well served.
Missouri City is floundering under the lack of leadership from the city manger. Citizens are unhappy with some of the decisions and the heavy handed tactics used to retaliate against the volunteers.
Click on the link to watch the exchange:  Item 4

I wanted to address the council as to why the petition about Glenn Lakes hadn’t been addressed, but with the adversarial climate with the volunteers at the animal shelter and the city manager not present I did not think the timing was right.  It is a major concern that the petition is being ignored by the city manager.  One thing is certain the city manager has to do a better job of managing the council meetings.  He needs to put the conflict with the volunteers behind him and bring order back to the meetings.

To be fair to our city manger, he has several new department heads with three experienced department heads.  The city manager has to coach the new employees bringing them up to speed while depending on the more experienced staff members to keep the city running.  I’m not sure this city manager has enough experience to know how to do this.  In appears to me he isn’t being supportive or appreciative enough of his more experienced managers and may be throwing them under the bus.

So the question is will he mature and grow into the job or will he run off the remaining experienced mangers and replace them with his buddies?  After two years on the job I’m not sure if we have the time to wait and see or find a more seasoned manager.

Our council in a split 4/3 vote got us into this predicament and they must act to correct this situation before it gets worse.  At the very least they should have a vote of confidence for the city manager and show the direction they are taking.

Meanwhile the citizens are not being served.