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FBCGOP Becoming Energized Again

By FBCStaff-We have new leadership and a new focus in the FBCGOP and it is refreshing.

The Spirit of Freedom has disbanded and morphed into the Fort Bend Republicans Patriots Club. The attendance at the first meeting was excellent and the recipient of the Patriot’s Award was a very deserving Jim McIngvale. “Mattress Mack” was recognized for his efforts during Harvey,and his outstanding work ethic. Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale epitomizes “that’s what Texans do” by his actions. His message was both inspirational, moving and well received.  Representatives Miller and Stephenson were in attendance as well as Senator Huffman. Rep Miller and Senator Huffman also recognized McIngvale with proclamations from the State of Texas.

And on the other side of Ft Bend County the Great Katy Area Republican Club held a debate between DA Candidates and JP3 Candidates.  Cliff Vacek came across as the most experienced and mature candidate in the DA debate and Municipal Judge Kelly Crowe came across as the more qualified candidate in the JP3 race.  The debates were well attended showing republicans are involved and becoming informed about their candidates.

It is incumbent on us to be involved and informed.  These races aren’t popularity or name recognition contests, leave that to the other party.  When qualifying a candidate I look at their background but I also want to know two things about them:

  1.  Are they a realist or an ideologue?  How will they reach their decisions by chance or by looking at the facts.
  2.   Why are they running?  Are they passionate and driven by the challenge or are they hoping to get the job.

Jim McIngvale is a true Texas Patriot and our candidates would help their chances immensely by patterning their campaigns after his work ethic and drive.

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