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Union Bosses Go After Sen Huffman

FBCStaff-The union bosses closely aligned with the democrat party are going after Texas Senator Joan Huffman. Accusing the senator of union busting, the union bosses are mad even though they were exempted from the bill.
“Our membership was not too pleased with Sen. Huffman,” said Brian Wilcox, communications director for the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association.”
What did Sen Huffman do that was so egregious to the union bosses?
“Huffman sponsored SB 13 in the regular session of the Legislature in 2017 and a similar bill in 2015. The bill would have ended automatic payroll deductions that the state allow for certain public employee unions. Instead of allowing workers to send dues directly to the union, employees would be required to find another way to pay their membership dues. The bill exempted firefighters and police, but still drew their displeasure because they saw it as a union busting bill.”
She did the job she was elected to do.
“Huffman had argued that Texas needs to get out of the union collecting dues business and leave it to unions to do their own collecting.”
However, not all unions are displeased with Sen Huffman.
“While firefighters are fighting back by helping Huffman’s opponent, some police union groups have taken a different approach. The Houston Police Officers’ Union and the Texas Municipal Police Association have both backed Huffman’s re-election, her campaign said.”

Read more from the Chronicle:  

Sen Huffman is a fierce advocate for criminal justice and the LEO community knows she is a friend.  This doesn’t set well with union bosses and their friends the trial lawyers.


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