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Hubris or Cultural Based?

FBCStaff-All os us have seen someone who is texting and driving.  We know better than to honk our horn at them to avoid being involved in a road rage incident. If someone is texting while driving we know they lack judgement or they would stop texting and driving. Unfortunately their behavior affects everyone and we’ve know it is prudent to avoid them and the possible conflict.  But what do we do when our politicians behave this way? Do we ignore their egregious behavior or do we speak out? Here’s are a couple of examples:

1st example:

The Missouri City Council had an item agenda that was discussed fully. The council asked questions and the builder explained in detail their plans which should have allowed the item to pass. But two council members had decided to vote no before the discussion and when the vote was taken they defiantly voted no. Was their actions wrong headed or culture based?

2nd example:

At a recent meeting a solution was presented that may have alleviated some of the speeding problems on Glenn Lakes. A proposal was made for signage at Glenn Lakes and Misty Hollow Dr. informing drivers the Glenn Lakes bridge was being replaced, use Misty Hollow to Lake Olympia Parkway to Highway 6. The distance driven was the same mileage, Gl had 7 stop sign LOP has 2, GL speed limit is 30 LOP is 40, GL is 2 lanes and LOP is 4 lanes and GL has over 200 drive ways and LOP has none. When you look at the facts presented it is a viable solution.

The city employee stated the city didn’t have the resources for a sign.  The city doesn’t have the resources to spend a few hundred dollars for a sign to redirect traffic and possibly furnish a long term solution.  It does have money in the same budget to spend millions on sidewalk repairs.  It is a simple matter of misplaced priorities.

Why wasn’t the city open to the solution? Like the person texting and driving if you honk your horn at them you may spark off road rage.  Some on council already have their mind made up before hearing what you have to say.  This wrong headed attitude has spread through city employees and it comes from the top.

Hubris or cultural based?