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A Call to Arms to Fort Bend Conservatives

FBCStaff-This is an email I received from Barbara Carlson. She has joined the Ft Bend Star and will be representing the conservative veiwpoint.

A Call to Arms to Fort Bend Conservatives

We are at the tipping point of enacting Republican Bylaws that are not good for Fort Bend. It is crucial that you attend the Fort Bend Republican Party’s Executive Committee Meeting, set for Thursday, August 23, at 7:00 p.m., in The Honorable Mary Ward’s Courtroom, 1517 Eugene Heimann Circle, Suite 100, Richmond to keep that from happening.

This meeting will vote on changes to the Bylaws for the Fort Bend Republican Party. Why hasn’t this most-critical meeting been explained before this to every single Republican voter when we will be grossly impacted?

The main concern involves Article IV which addresses “Committees.” Section 4.3 of that Article states “The Federal Party Committee (To be created as needed).”

That little overlooked phrase will leave the back door wide open for corruption at its worst.

Section 4.2 addresses The Political Action Committee (PAC). It is grossly inaccurate to state that the PAC “shall be governed by the Executive Committee” when the “Members of the PAC are the Chairman, Finance Committee Chair(s), the Treasurer, the General Counsel and three non-executive committee members.” Further, “The PAC may financially support or oppose…the election or defeat of a candidate for a local or state elective or appointive office in the general election.”

The Party has two key functions to all of its candidates (1) to recruit and treat each candidate fairly; and, (2) to offer up inexpensive advertising. It is not the Party’s responsibility-with its cherry-picked PAC-to favor one candidate over another.

Fort Bend is heading in the same direction as the Harris County Republican PAC. During the last election, the vetting process was ignored, yet “endorsements” were mailed out to disillusion the ill-informed or disengaged voter who he or she should vote for. The deceptive illusion was created that a thorough vetting process had occurred when in reality the voter had been deceived by his or her very own party’s PAC. You’ve heard the term “Pay to Play” candidates?

Will the Fort Bend Executive Committee fall down on its duty into voting for these Bylaws in their entirety that now remove their powers, when this is not the right thing to do? Will the Executive Committee have the courage to stand strong and do the right thing for us? Who will the “three non-executive committee members” be?

Let’s take a moment and put Section 4.2 to the test. This “exclusive” Fort Bend Republican PAC could virtually use the bulk of the party’s monies collected during the year for one specific race, leaving other races desperately in need of support while the Executive Committee’s hands are tied.

We must bring ethics back to our party-beginning with our leadership-as we are falling over the same cliff as the Democrats. It is time that we get back on track. It is time that we lead like true Conservatives-with the utmost ethics and integrity. The Executive Committee must do the right thing on August 23rd.

You need to contact the Fort Bend GOP at 281.313.8686 or email Mike Gibson at As our party chair has attested, “We will allow time to fully debate these and any other changes that are raised from the floor,” one would surmise that any concerns of the citizens from the Republican Party are, indeed, substantial. Come early. Copies of the Bylaws will be there. Conservative voices need to be heard.

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