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What Happened to the Ft Bend Missing VRCs?

FBCStaff-Two zip codes voter registration cards seem to have gone missing, but no one seems to know how or why. Zip codes 77406 and 77494, Pecan Grove and Cinco Ranch are missing. The Fort Bend County Elections Administrator said the cards were delivered to the post office, the post office said they were delivered but many voters said they didn’t get them.

Kumar of the Fort bend Independent writes a good opinion piece about the missing VRCs:

“The Fort Bend County Election Administration and elected officials are equally concerned.

But their concerns appear to be totally opposite — voter fraud versus voter suppression.

If the concerned citizens are vigorously trying to ensure that the missing cards are not misused for voting in the November general election, the administration appears to be less concerned with voter fraud, but is more worried that those who did not receive the cards may stay away from voting.”

This is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Our elections are too important to be taken so lightly. Contact your county commissioner, the Fort Bend Elections Administrator and Atty Gen Abbott’s office and urge them to get to the bottom of this immediately. Our elections depend on our elected officials ensuring that voter fraud does not exist. Our election officials lack of concern for voter fraud needs to be addressed.

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