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FBC Clerk Dianne Wilson Comes Out For Democrat Morrison

FBCStaff-FBC Clerk Dianne Wilson is the toast of the democrats for coming out for Democrat Richard Morrison.  This isn’t the first time the Wilson has made headlines. Remember this?

“The legality of a County Clerk posting personal information like social security numbers, driver license numbers and bank account numbers is again causing problems for a clerk in Texas who has exposed tens of thousands of local citizens to identity theft while obscuring her own true identity behind a bogus degree.

Dianne Wilson, the same Fort Bend County clerk who for years practiced identity deception with her own identity by claiming a PhD from an online diploma mill is again defying the wishes of her constituents and local judges by posting personal information about citizens on her taxpayer-sponsored Web site.

Wilson no longer claims the title “Dr.” after News for Public Officials exposed the bogus degree two years ago and KHOU-TV exposed her public and illegal deception earlier this year) Now the discredited “Dr. Wilson” is facing a challenge from County Court-at-Law Judge Bud Childers who questions her authority to recklessly publish unprotected information about Fort Bend residents to anyone – anywhere in the world.”

Dianne’s bogus degree

That’s crazy you say why would an elected official want to put sensitive private data about citizens on line so it could be stolen?  Then it was discovered the FBC Clerk Wilson was selling the data:

“As for identity thieves who download the same information, Wilson said, “They’re not coming to my Web site to do that. They’re going to the brokers who have bought the information from me.”

Fort Bend Herald

Atty Gen Abbott ruled the online postings illegal:

“On Feb. 23, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled that such disclosure of Social Security numbers in public documents is a violation of both state and federal privacy laws and is a criminal offense punishable by jail time and fines. The ruling followed an inquiry by Fort Bend’s district attorney in 2005 about how its county clerk was expected to deal with Social Security numbers when they were present in public records. “

Abbott’s Ruling

FBC Clerk Dianne Wilson, who no longer calls herself Dr. Wilson, doesn’t always seem to demonstrate good judgement.  So when someone like Dianne Wilson comes out for a democrat are we really surprised?

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