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Right and Wrong as Opposed to Legalism

FBCStaff-I spoke to a political consultant about his tactics of placing his candidate’s sign next to an incumbent in the last Missouri City election. He was attempting to deceive voters into thinking the incumbent supported his candidate when they didn’t. His response was, I didn’t do anything illegal.”
For some of us legalism has become an acceptable guideline replacing our moral compass.
Another example:
An acquaintance looks for dogs being rehomed and tells the owners she has always wanted that type of dog. After keeping the dog for a few days she then sells the dog on Craig’s list.

To me that is despicable, but she makes a profit and that is what drives her.

What the political consultant does is deceitful, but to him it is about winning at all costs.

We see this behavior in our politicians, with the redistribution of wealth.  Some want to take what belongs to someone and give it to someone else under the guise of fairness.

Some think the answer is a plethora of rules and regulations to attempt to control behavior.  We should know by now, we cannot regulate behavior.

Then what does?

It is called a moral compass, defined by your moral fabric.  Your moral fabric is defined of your personality, environment and your upbringing.  It defines you as a human being.

To some the end results justify the means.  To some doing the right thing is more important.

We saw a great example after Hurricane Harvey.  We saw people working tirelessly to help those in need.  We saw some giving selfishly to raise money and supplies for those in need.  Then we saw politicians who gave nothing, forcing themselves into the spotlight to bring home the bacon regardless of the need.  That is the great divide that exists in our political parties.

The slippery slope in choosing legalism over right and wrong is a short step away from justifying breaking the rules or the law to accomplish the desired results.

Missouri City Election to Determine Future of the City

FBCStaff-For the first time in the city’s history the Missouri City election will be held in November.  Early voting runs 10/23 thru 11/03.

The Charter Review Committee recommended against moving the election from May to November but the Council voted 4-3 to move the election to November by resolution, R-16-32.  Two of the Councilmembers Smith and Maroulis said citizens didn’t need to be surveyed or vote on the issue.  Many of us are concerned city issues will be lost down ballot, especially in a presidential election year. If you want longer lines especially on a Tuesday night, you will get them.  Also the costs will not go down as school board elections are still held in May, this simply shifts costs from May to November.  The only other Texas city voting in November is Houston.  This is simply a bad decision and shows poor judgement by the 4 that voted for the resolution.

Missouri City has the 4 District seats up for election, so you will vote for council and 7 props to changes to the charter. There are no serious challengers for the 4 districts this election so the important issues are the propositions to change the charter.  These are important because it would change how the city is managed.  Missouri City is currently a strong mayor and council with oversight over the city manager.

1st.  Props 3 & 4 changes that and gives the authority to the city manager to hire/fire and create/disband/merge department without council approval. Missouri City has a reputation of being one of the most financially sound cities in the area. This would change that.  The mayor and council have to live in the city the city manager doesn’t.  The city manager’s average stint is about 3 years, and then they move on to another position.  This a major shift in the way the city is ran and could undercut everything the voters have supported that has made Missouri City a great place to live.

Prop 5 changes the city charter to read the same as the Resolution R-16-32 moving the elections to November. Two of the 4 council members. Councilman Smith and Maroulis said the voters shouldn’t be surveyed or get a vote on moving the election to November. However, the charter requires a vote by the citizens on a permanent change. Vote No on this and send a loud message to those who do not think voters should have input.

Props 2
removes the bond for the city manager.  no

Vote No on props 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Props 1, 6, and 7 vote yes. Prop 7 makes the city more competitive for employees with surrounding cities

Props 3, 4 and 5 are the most important and would change the direction of the city. In my opinion this would be harmful to the future of Missouri City. Vote No on  props 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Serve and Protect or Generate Revenue?

FBCStaff-You as a tax payer might think you’re paying for a police officer to serve and protect you. But unfortunately that isn’t how some politicians think:
“Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella has recently been talking about the city getting “maximum productivity” from its employees in order to increase the revenues. ”
Some politicians see taxpayer funded police officers as “revenue generators”
“Scarcella went on to say that the police chief has told him it’s not his job to worry about generating dollars but it is his job to keep citizens safe. “To me that’s a flimsy excuse and we lose millions of dollars we could collect from tickets — at least another $1 million from having written traffic citations rather than tickets.””,1334,1507982893989

What do you think?  Are police officers to protect and serve or write tickets?

This is the main reason I avoid doing business in Stafford.

Is Kris Allfrey a Threat to the Community?

FBCStaff-On a local neighborhood community board there was a discussion about sharing golf cart paths with pedestrians and Kris went on the attack:
“Kris Allfrey, Quail Valley Thunderbird·9m agoNew
It is the figurative lying bastard child of King Owen. What’s it like to be a nobody that sucks up to a classless King? Must be very lonely! Cause all you can do is lie, lie and tell a few more lies. Who else have you whored yourself out to? Oh yeah, Rick Miller. How much money did he pay you to tell all those lies?”

Extremely harsh words and over the top attack on another commenter.  Should we as a community be alarmed?  Allfrey is well known in the community as a constant complainer.  His facebook page called Missouri City Concerns(complainers) is magnet for victims real or perceived.  Many vent their rage there using half truths, rumors and in some cases blatant lies.  Here is an example of Kris spreading false information:

“”Kris Allfrey
16 hrs · Missouri City, TX
Missouri City finally decided at 1030pm to notify residents in Quail Valley to evacuate. No way to drive out of the subdivision. If you have a one story house get out. If you have a two story house start moving furniture to the second floor. Lets all pray they are wrong and we do not flood.”
Of course this caused some to panic:
“Sarah R. So where did this guy get his information from? Anybody know?
Sarah R. Jeanie C. he’s just somebody who likes to bitch about Missouri City constantly. Looked at his page and seems he makes it a full time job. I have so many words to describe him right now
Jeanie C He literally had my whole family freaking out just now because we live in quail valley east and are just barely outside of an evacuation zone. Smh
Sarah R. Kris Allfrey !! You just put people in a panic!! The map is updated CONSTANTLY and the whole neighborhood of Quail Valley IS NOT under evacuation. Putz!!!””

Why would anyone put out false and misleading information during a hurricane?  This shows a disturbing pattern of vitriol directed at elected officials and anyone who disagrees with him.

Will this individual go off track someday and hurt a group of people?  Is he a threat to the community?




Democrats See Opportunity to Divide in 2018

By FBCStaff-Democrats are looking for opportunities to divide Americans in 2018:

“With Republican Senate primaries from West Virginia to Montana promising to pit Trump-inspired insurgents against more mainstream candidates, Democrats are considering ways to step in and wreak some havoc. The idea: Elevate the GOP’s most extreme option in each race, easing Democrats’ path to victory in a range of states tilted against them.”

Democrats no longer pretend to support American values.  They see an opportunity to use wedge issues to divide in the November Election and republican primaries, are doubling down on their identity politics strategy.

In Texas will Guv Abbott be challenged by republicans like Joe Straus and his hand picked candidates and democrats crossing over to vote in the primaries?

We have 30 days until the November 7th General Election and 5 months until the March primaries.  Will the republican party continue to sit back and watch?


Democrats Plot To Take Over Again

FBCStaff-Democrats say this time they really mean it.
“If everything works out like Texas Democrats hope, 2018 could be a throwback to 1990, the last time they won the governor’s office.”

Democrats just don’t get it.  Identity politics are devisive.

“At the recent Texas Tribune Festival, at the end of the “Democratic Playbook” panel discussion, an audience member asked what the Democrats’ message was. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Gilbert Hinojosa, said it was about the economy — and wasn’t about playing “identity politics.”

Wendy Davis, the 2014 gubernatorial candidate, took issue with that, saying she was “flummoxed” about why the party wouldn’t talk about identity — i.e., women’s rights, LGBT rights — since, after all, discrimination keeps people from achieving economic opportunity.

Intellectually, Davis is right. But elections aren’t won on who is intellectually right or wrong.”

The reason a democrat hasn’t won the governor’s office since 1990 is “identity politics,” and Texans don’t like their hate rhetoric or their policies.

Tassin vs Sen Huffman, will the democrats pin their hope on Lt Guv Straus and sidekick Tx Rep John Zerwas, etc?  Stay tuned 2018 will be an interesting year.


FBCGOP Picnic Scheduled for Oct 15th

FBCStaff-Click on the link for information:


Missouri City District C’s Enigma

By FBCStaff-Missouri City District C has been known for placing sidewalk repair above all other issues including drainage. One District C resident Howard Moline seems to be confused on which issue he supports:

“Sidewalk repair has been an issue for First Colony-Missouri City residents for at least five years. During most of this time, Elackatt has been our Council Member. The repairs were needed due to upended sidewalks caused by the roots of “street trees,” planted between the sidewalk and the street.”

Moline is very clear he wants sidewalk repair to be the top issue in District C.  Anthony Maroulis’ first official act was to present a piece of cement to ex-Councilman Elackatt in recognition of his dedication to sidewalk repair.  You may remember Elackatt resigned after Maroulis filed for his seat handing the seat to Maroulis without the voters getting to vote.

In a letter to the Ft Bend Star editor Moline wrote:

“So, do we react by saying it was a very close call and go on with life or do we insist that LIDs, the city and county focus on spending our tax dollars to protect our families? Infrastructure and drainage expenditures aren’t glamorous and win few votes but they do keep our homes and properties safe. Could some flooding have been averted through the purchase and construction of better drainage, more pumps, better located pumping stations, and backup systems?

Obviously, the answer is yes. Just like our emergency services personnel, we need government agencies which will focus and train for providing flood prevention services no matter what the circumstance. We all know the importance of this now.

Missouri City, in particular, has a history of giving little regard for its infrastructure requirements and obligations. As demonstrated by this past week’s flooding, the city plainly needs more drainage ponds, more street drainage outlets, and more flood planning and green space requirements for the developers building homes within our city limits. For the past 20 years, Missouri City government has distinguished itself by paying huge amounts for recreational amenities and spending tens of millions of dollars to support a Harris County transportation bureaucracy with little return for the amounts invested. My personal opinion is that we need a better-informed and more serious attitude toward finances by both the LIDs and the city.”

Moline seems confused he praises his representative for making sidewalk repair the number one issue in District C but criticizes the city for not doing more drainage projects.  District C’s current representative not only puts sidewalks ahead of drainage this past fiscal year, he wanted to put a third gym ahead of drainage using city bond money.

Mr. Moline needs to tell his representative what he wants in District C, sidewalk repair or drainage.



Diversity is a Liability Not an Asset

FBCStaff-If unity is a coveted trait of success why do some celebrate diversity over unity?
“America is experiencing a diversity and inclusion conundrum—which, in historical terms, has not necessarily been a good thing. Communities are tearing themselves apart over the statues of long-dead Confederate generals. Controversy rages over which slogan—“Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”—is truly racist. Antifa street thugs clash with white supremacists in a major American city. Americans argue over whether the USC equine mascot “Traveler” is racist, given the resemblance of the horse’s name to Robert E. Lee’s mount “Traveller.” Amid all this turmoil, we forget that diversity was always considered a liability in the history of nations—not an asset.”

So why do some want us to be divided instead of united?

In multiracial, multiethnic, and multi-religious societies—such as contemporary India or the Middle East—violence is the rule in the absence of unity.

violence vs positive

History’s other positive example is the United States, which has proven one of the only truly diverse societies in history to remain fairly stable and unified—at least so far.

will America survive?

“If America is to survive this fourth century of its existence, it will soon have to recalibrate from “celebrating diversity” to “celebrating unity.””

We see it daily in our local city council, state government and in DC, democrats have divided us.  They must divide and destroy America to win.  Will we let them?



Judge Hebert Updates Debris Cleanup for Ft Bend

By FBCStaff-Judge Hebert informed us the debris cleanup was scheduled to begin the weekend of Sept 9th. Here’s an update from Judge Hebert:
“This is the county’s temporary debris site on Harlem road. It, and a second large site on Sienna Parkway south of Sienna Springs, are our two primary sites for temporarily storing debris. They allow us to maximize the amount of time debris trucks are in front of homes picking up debris. The second photo is a debris truck arriving at the Harlem site, and the third shows another truck unloading debris. As we wind down the debris will be taken to Type 1 landfills on FM 762 or on FM 521.
As of Saturday we have picked up 91,700 cubic yards of the estimated 500,000 cubic yards in the county.”