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Missouri City Breaks Promise to Taxpayers

FBCStaff-The Missouri City Council was faced with a falling housing market  and needed a .05 cent tax increase to make up for a budget shortfall. As the housing market started to recover the council voted to give .01 cent back to the taxpayers. All but two council members voted to approve the decrease in taxes. Council member Preston said he didn’t understand the issue so he voted against it, and Council member Ford was not present. After the one cent reduction in 2017 the council voted a .06 cent hike even though housing values went up by an average of 12%. We have basically the same members so what has changed. Councilman Maroulis was not on council until after he and Councilman Elackatt did their backroom deal and apparently he doesn’t feel he owes the citizen of Missouri City an explanation.

Judge Emmitt of Harris County is doing the same thing:

“”As values go up, tax rates should be going down,” Bettencourt told an annual meeting of the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association with Emmett just a few dozen feet away.”

I can understand Houston and Harris County as it is mostly ran by democrats, but is Missouri City now run by the tax and spend democrats?  Our housing values were up almost 12% in 2017 and the city still needs a .06 cents/hundred increase?

Maybe Council member Preston should become a property owner and pay property taxes, maybe then he could understand how taxes work.  I do not trust Council members Maroulis and Preston’s judgement to make these decisions.

This will be the first of many broken promises.  Get ready for the rest that comes with a democrat ran city government; waste, fraud and entitlements instead of essential services.



Major Taxpayers Win in Homestead Case

FBCStaff-Have you noticed a pattern with some taxing authorities ignoring certain laws?
“Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced a victory for Texas homeowners after the Gregg County Court granted all relief requested by the attorney general in the local option homestead exemption case involving Kilgore ISD’s violation of Texas Senate Bill 1. The decision by the Gregg County Court comes nearly two months after the Texarkana Court of Appeals affirmed the right of Attorney General Paxton to continue the lawsuit and pursue compliance with the law.”

Texas SB1 in 2015 gives property owners a reduction in taxes:

The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1 and Senate Joint Resolution 1 in May 2015 with near universal support, and 86 percent of voters ratified the amendment in the same year, marking one of the highest amendment margins in recent history. Because the Legislature paid for the tax breaks in the state budget, the law provided a property tax reduction to homesteaders in Texas with no downside to school districts. Nevertheless, some school districts chose to reduce or repeal their local option homestead exemption and assess homeowners a tax rate that violated the law.”

This is simply another example of big government over reach by choosing which laws to ignore.  Choosing to ignore our laws is unacceptable.  Choosing to ignore appointed committees recommendations and taxpayers is a trend that has become more prevalent among democrats.  An example, the Missouri City Charter Review Committee met and recommended the city not move the city’s election date to November.  Democrats Maroulis, Ford, Smith, and Preston on the Missouri City Council ignored their recommendations and voted to move the election resulting in a drastically lower voter turnout.  Taking advantage of the lower turnout the city manger stacked the ballot with propositions to give him the authority to hire/fire combine/disband departments without council over sight.  Fortunately voters saw through the wording and voted the propositions down.

This trend will continue as democrats continue to lose power in Texas.  They simply choose to ignore our laws, their appointed committees recommendations and the tax payers wants and needs.



FBCGOP Christmas Party

FBCStaff-You had to be very pleased by the exceptionally large turnout for the FBCGOP Christmas party. Hats off to FBCGOP Chair Jacey Jetton and his crew. A special thanks to Mayor Billy Benton for MCing and La Cocina Mexican Restaurant & Catering.  It was good to see the candidates and the elected officials that took time to come out.

Christmas Party


Congressman Pete Olson, District 22
Celso Pacheco Jr.
Fort Bend Pets Alive!
Judge Ken Cannata, 458th District Court
Judge David Newell, TX Court of Criminal Appeals
Commissioner Vincent Morales, Precinct 1
Judge Chad Bridges, 240th Judicial Court
Kristin Tassin, for TX Senate District 17
Judge Chris Morales, County Court at Law 1
Dean Hrbacek, for County Court at Law 4
Judge Jennifer Chiang, for County Court at Law 3
Bill Rickert, for County Treasurer
Representative Rick Miller, District 226
Commissioner James Patterson, Precinct 4
Danny Nguyen, for Congress, District 22
Judge Mary Ward, Justice of the Peace, Pct 1 pl 2
Jarret Nethery, for Justice of the Peace, Pct 3
Judge Cliff Vacek, for District Attorney
Amy Mitchell, for County Court at Law 4
Shawn McDonald, for District Attorney
Judge Bob Hebert, County Judge
Judge Harold Kennedy, for County Court at Law 3
Mike Hartman, for 268th Judicial District Court

Chairman’s Circle Donors

County Judge Hebert | Robert White | Rep. John Zerwas

pictures on facebook.

Time for Rep Ron Reynolds to Resign

By FBCStaff-Have we seen the end of Representative Ron Reynolds or will he continue to not represent the values of the people in Fort Bend County?
The Houston Chronicle reported :
“The three-judge appellate panel ruled Wednesday that there was sufficient evidence to convict Reynolds and that the trial judge did not violate any rules relating to the introduction of evidence.
The Missouri City Democrat was sentenced to one year in jail, but he has been out on an appeal bond since his November 2015 conviction.
Reynolds has served in the Texas House of Representatives since 2011. He was re-elected in 2016, months after his conviction on five misdemeanor charges of barratry, more commonly known as “ambulance chasing.”

Reynolds says he has no plans to resign:

“Reynolds, who alleged in 2015 that he was the victim of racial bias and that his conviction amounted to a “modern-day lynching,” said Thursday that he has no plans to resign following the appellate court’s decision. Texas law allows individuals with misdemeanor convictions to hold public office.

In 2016, Reynolds’ law license was suspended, he filed for bankruptcy and was ordered to pay $504,000 for failing to give the proper share of a settlement to a fatal crash victim’s mother. ”

At the Missouri City Leadership Luncheon Rep Reynolds deliberately misled his audience stating the Texas economy was faltering when it was #1 for all states in GDP for the 1st quarter of 2017.

Reynolds should do the right thing and resign so we can elect someone that represents our values.

Missouri City deserves better than this.  Since Reynolds has been in office the Missouri City Council has taken a hard lurch to the left bringing in the “fired” or “resigned” Anthony Snipes from Austin.  We need a city manager that returns calls about issues in the city.  We need a City Attorney that follows the law and the city charter and doesn’t make decisions based on person beliefs or desired outcomes.

Time to put an end to a faction that is determined to remake Missouri City into another Detroit.

We deserve better representation.


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Is It Really About Free Speech?

By FBCStaff-The Ft. Bend County Democrats have an agenda and their mouth piece Democrat Kris says it isn’t about control it is about free speech.

Like Momma, Democrat Kris don’t allow no cussin:
“Kris Allfrey
On the subject of profanity. We have not allowed profanity to be posted to the group as it is most often used to insult others. or this:
Kris Allfrey Group Admin  One of the nice things about this group is you are allowed to post whatever you want except profanity and name calling. Since i don’t consider accusing someone of being a racist name calling”

Democrat Kris said this:

“Kris Allfrey, Quail Valley Thunderbird·

It is the figurative lying bastard child of King Owen. What’s it like to be a nobody that sucks up to a classless King? Must be very lonely! Cause all you can do is lie, lie and tell a few more lies. Who else have you whored yourself out to? Oh yeah, Rick Miller. How much money did he pay you to tell all those lies?”

It seems Democrat Kris has trouble expressing himself without resorting to name calling and profanity.

A wise man once said:

“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.”

― Spencer W. Kimball

I’m confused is Democrat Kris for free speech or for controlling your speech?

It appears that Kris’s democrat friends didn’t want to let this opportunity go to waste:
“The stickers were originally created by the Fort Bend County Democrats.
Until the Fonseca controversy erupted, sticker sales had been stagnant for months, the Fort Bend County Democrats said. Now they have reportedly sold 120 stickers in three days.
“It’s turned into this bigger thing, everything is back-ordered,” Ali Hasanali of the Democratic group told KHOU. “We can’t print enough. Even if they want to buy now there’s going to be a delay because we have to print a lot more up.”
“My hat’s off to Karen for being forthcoming and not being pressured or intimidated,” Hasanali said. “She’s a rallying cry for anyone who cares about individual liberties.
Democrats in Fort Bend County say the money will go toward voter registration drives aimed at getting elderly people to the polls.

Sounds like an opportunity for the democrats to push an agenda and for Democrat Kris to bash a republican.




FBCGOP Newsletter

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Does Character Count?

By FBCStaff-In the 90’s when Bill Clinton was running for president that question surfaced and it has been answered.  Does character count?

“It may be that the conservatives of the 1990s were simply right about Clinton, that once he failed to resign he really deserved to be impeached.”

The NYT is admitting, we may be where we are today because of the left’s actions?

I think that is what the republicans said then and have always said.  When your moral character is defined by “what is legal as versus what is right” or “the end results justifies the means” there are repercussions.

When one lives by the credo “what I did may be wrong but it didn’t break any laws” you have no moral compass.

Are you listening republicans?



By FBCStaff-FBCGOP Newsletter  click link below:

Katy Boatman, a conservative Republican candidate for the First Court of Appeals, Place 7, in 2018

FBCStaff-I want to introduce you to Katy Boatman, a conservative Republican candidate for the First Court of Appeals, Place 7, in 2018. The current justice in that place is not seeking reelection.

Katy has the relevant experience. She is currently an attorney at Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP, practicing appellate law with Justice Scott Brister, a former Harris County judge. She maintains a diverse commercial docket at the trial and appellate levels, with a focus on oil and gas, contract, and health care disputes. She has practiced before Houston’s First and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals numerous times.

Katy also has the qualities we want in a judge. She is committed to upholding the rule of law, not legislating from the bench, and issuing timely decisions. I believe she will serve the people of Fort Bend County honorably. Katy’s husband works in Fort Bend County. She has been to Fort Bend County to meet the voters many times; I hope you get to meet her on one of her trips.

Katy went to Texas A&M University, graduating with triple honors after being heavily involved in student government. She then went to Baylor Law School on scholarship, where she served as the executive editor of Baylor Law Review and graduated with honors. Following graduation, she completed two appellate clerkships, both with outstanding conservative judges: Justice Dale Wainwright of the Texas Supreme Court and Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod of the Fifth Circuit.

In 2016, Katy was named the National Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year, as well as the Outstanding Young Lawyer of Texas and of Houston. Katy served for four years on the board of directors of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, elected by her peers because of her strong commitment to the legal profession. Since then, she has also served on the Houston Young Lawyers Association’s board of directors. She serves her community through her church, Grace Bible Church, Yellowstone Academy, The Women’s Home, and many other groups.

Katy’s opponent is a criminal defense attorney who also sues on behalf of plaintiffs. He has almost no experience before this court. I support Katy Boatman.