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Why Local Elections Must Be Held Separately

By FBCStaff-Capitalism Vs Socialism was on display at all levels of government yesterday.
First and foremost President Trump laid out his tax cuts letting you keep more of the money you earn. By reducing the restrictive regulations of a progressive(regressive) tax system, capitalism will grow the economy allowing you to keep more of the money you earn.
Second, SB-4 passed 93-54 in the Texas House, effectively blocking sanctuary cities in Texas.
A gross oversimplification but it makes my point.  Socialism just doesn’t work. But what is really important is this allows tax dollars to be used at the local levels instead of being sent to Austin or DC to let the bureaucrats use them to buy votes. By allowing the tax dollars to be spent locally, you have more control over how the money is used.  This will not stop the politicians from trying to buy votes but it is easier to fight at the local level.  It is up to you to get involved.  Getting involved doesn’t mean hiding behind a keyboard and criticizing locally elected officials it means serving on committees, attending meetings, and becoming informed.
Third, the Missouri City State of the City program showed how government functioning as it should, can be more effective than sending your tax dollars to Austin or DC.  Austin and DC cannot burden local governments with unfunded mandates and other bureaucratic red tape if we don’t let them.
That was the original intent of our government.  The most effective use of government, is strong local government and limited federal government.
We must fund our local needs muni and school districts first.  It is critical our muni and school board elections be held separately so you can get informed and understand the issues.  You must demand they be separate.  Now you get involved locally.

This May Be The Strangest Election Year in Our History

BY FBCStaff-Following on the heels of the 2016 presidential election, I’m watching people who I thought leaned conservative do and say things that make absolutely no sense.

Then there is the democrats and their desire to legislate from the bench on redistricting:
“There’s an extremely odd lawsuit going on in Texas over redistricting, specifically focusing on the maps written in 2011. A federal court ruled last week the 2011 maps were invalid because they violated part of the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution. “Two of three federal judges ruled the 2011 maps the legislature drew up were invalid.”

It means nothing because the legislature met in special session in 2013 and redrew the maps. Yes, you read that correctly. Two of the three judges ruled the 2011 replaced maps were invalid.

The dissenting judge pointed out the other two judges ruling lacked merit because of the maps being replaced.  If he knew it why didn’t the other two?  Or did they and it is just political grandstanding?

Study Shows School Choice Works

By FBCStaff-If studies show that school choice works why are so many elected officials against school choice. There could be several reasons:
1. They get campaign donations from teacher’s unions and are lobbied hard by bureaucrats from school districts.
2. They put their interests ahead of the education of children.
3. They are democrats or progressives who feel the school districts must be served before the education of children.

A recent study shows:
“The evidence in favor of the positive benefits of school choice grew considerably stronger this month with the release of a new methodologically rigorous evaluation of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program is a school voucher program in Washington, D.C. set up by Congress, which provides students with scholarships to attend private schools of choice.”

The evidence shows vouchers work but many elected officials are clearly not on board.  What will it take to get elected officials to put education first?

A side note:  After many discussions with candidates claiming to be conservative, they are either totally clueless or dishonest with themselves about being conservative.

Take Back Austin by Getting Involved Locally

By FBCStaff-I’ve received an email from the Republican Party of Texas telling us the that Lt Guv Patrick and Sen Cruz are in danger of losing and they need money now.
First their elections are next year, we currently have ongoing muni and school board elections.  We seriously need to invest more into local elections. Everyone says they are a republican, even the democrat that founded the Sugar Land democrats. He showed up recently at a Republican EC meeting to elect a new Chair. His political consultant denied knowing why he was there.

Second if republicans are in trouble in Texas it is because of “leaders in the party like Speaker Straus.” Speaker Straus’ tactics use democrats and some progressive republicans to thwart Lt Guv Patrick’s agenda. The democrats are too weak in Texas to win anything and it isn’t them you should fear. Instead we need to hold those accountable who do not serve us but serve their own self serving interests.

I encourage you to learn the candidates.  See which candidates are using political consultants that work both sides of the aisle, spreading disinformation to deceive voters. I. E. the political consultant that told his democrat candidate to show up at a republican EC meeting. The consultant was trying to deceive republicans into thinking his candidate was one of them. Why do republicans keep hiring this guy?
In the school board elections find out which candidates supports the democrat agenda of anti school vouchers. If a candidates will not put a child’s education before the interests of teacher’s unions, the bureaucrats running our schools, or their self serving interests; they are not a conservative they are a big government progressive. Find out which candidates are against slowing the growth of taxes another democrat agenda item.  What may be hurting the republican brand in FBCGOP is the lack of leadership.  One school board candidate is against vouchers and capping taxes.  Both issues are party planks in the democrat party and the FBCGOP endorsed the candidate.  This has to be confusing to the party loyalist.  Why have a party platform if candidates can ignore it and the party leaders endorses them?
A recent study showed we are now paying more in taxes than we are paying for food, clothing and housing combined.

We can take back Austin, by getting informed and involved.

Early Voting in Muni and School Board Elections

By FBCStaff-Early voting in Ft Bend Muni and School Board Elections start Monday April 24th. Joint Election is May 6th.


Remember the Missouri City Muni Elections have been moved to November.

Don’t be Confused by Democrat and Republican

By FBCStaff-Some politicians use labels to deceive voters so they can win elections.
Today we inundated with labels by the media, ie left, right which is not the same as the far left or far right. Then we have progressives, socialists, social and fiscal conservatives. This is done purposely to confuse and deceive.
Forget the politicians and media spin and look at where the politicians stand on the issues.  A couple of quick observations about emotional intelligence and self serving politicians.  Democrats and progressives often confuse liberalism with intelligence and we seldom meet a lawyer who doesn’t think they know everything about everything. Lawyers are trained to look at issues from a worst case scenario and not the most pragmatic.
Second don’t fall for wedge issues, ie abortion, racism, misogyny et al.
The issues are lowering vs raising taxes and smaller vs larger government.
Here’s a good read, a report on the Political Process by Sidney M. Milkis from the Heritage Foundation.

The FBCGOP Must Face Facts

By FBC Staff-Democrats believe they have made gains in Ft Bend County and have a full court press on to win any seat by any means.

The FBCGOP must counter by stepping up and making a strong showing in the school board and muni elections in May.  Some of you may know Missouri City will not have a muni election in May but will be moved to November. Democrats on Missouri City Council believe this will give them an advantage. They tried to sell moving the elections to November as a cost savings to tax payers.  But it will not save one penny.  The same number of polling places will be open with the same number of polling officials.  Many believe the lack of a muni election in Missouri City in May will hurt the FBISD elections with a smaller turnout.

The FBCGOP Chair must recognize he has his work cut out for him and take action.  First he has to put together a team and charge them with the responsibility of developing a strategy to win back the recent gains made by dems in 2016.  Second, he must raise funds to fund the effort.  Third, The FBCGOP must come to terms with the fact we are not being well served by establishment republicans and social conservatives.  They have controlled the FBCGOP the last ten years and have gotten us to where we are today.

Let’s talk about what defines an establishment republican and a social conservative.  One thing we do know is they are not conservatives.  They both confuse liberalism with intelligence and may view conservatives as less intelligent. Establishment republicans often work with democrats against the conservative agenda much like what Speaker Straus is doing in Austin.  Social Conservatives often use one issue, i.e. claiming to be pro life while voting to expand our public schools to include daycare or helping democrats expand welfare.  What drives both them is their image.  They will not take a stand as it might tarnish their image.  They are self serving and do not represent us.

It is no longer feasible to remain on the sidelines.  We, as republicans must get involved, informed and hold our elected officials accountable.

The Buckley Rule:  “Conservative author and commentator William F. Buckley (1925-2008) was asked, in 1967, whom he would support in 1968 for U.S. president. Buckley responded with what would late be called the ‘Buckley Rule” for primary voting: “The wisest choice would be the one who would win. No sense running Mona Lisa in a beauty contest. I’d be for the most right, viable candidate who could win.”  

Time to get back to winning in Fort Bend County.


From Al Capone to Saul Alinsky to Barack Obama -Methods of Organizing

BY FBCStaff-A must watch video



Atty Gen Holder’s Legacy?

FBCStaff-We know why Loretta Lynch was chosen to replace Atty Gen Holder, she brokered an $8 million settlement against Mayor Giuliani and the NYPD.

But what will Atty Gen Holder’s legacy be? We know he was impeached by the US House. But do we know about the Wall Street coverup he managed while Atty General?

A brief synopsis on the financial scandal Holder covered up to protect democrats. President Clinton’s financial advisor Lawrence Summers and Sec Of Treasury Rubin convinced him to disband Brooksey Borne’s department.  Borne’s department had oversight on derivative trading done by Wall Street.  A little about why this was needed. President Carter created a vehicle called the Community Reinvestment Act to give loans to those who could not meet minimum requirements.  The tax payers would then pay the interest on the loans while the home owners would pay the principle.

President Clinton used the Act to put pressure on the government backed loans of quasi-private lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give more home loans. When Borne’s department started questioning the integrity of these unstable loans being bundled and sold as derivatives, Borne’s department was history.

When GW Bush’s administration questioned the stability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s loans he was blocked by Mass. Sen Barney Frank and other democrats. The Clinton administration used the two agencies to reward employees by sending them there and awarding them large bonuses.  Clinton Budget Director  Franklin Raines, had to return almost all of a $20 million bonus he received, after a Bush administration investigation.

Atty Gen Holder’s work is done after brokering settlements w/o court approval, with Wall Street for settlements far less than reported by the MSM:

” The banks finally settled with Holder’s Justice Department. After unnerving behind the scenes direct communications between the bank and senior Justice officials, a record fine was reached but the real details of what transpired remain a secret. The bank signed a watered down statement of facts that didn’t detail the facts.”

read more from Value Walk

Atty Gen Holder has been cleaning up the democrat’s mess that caused the financial melt down in 2008.  It has not been reported by the media and involved some of the largest looting of tax dollars in our history.  It has been estimated by some that the toxic loans sold as derivatives totaled $700 Trillion.

Atty Gen Holder’s legacy will be he was a good soldier, he protected the democrat party and their friends on Wall Street.

The question is will republicans prosecute him?  If they don’t, it will appear that they don’t have the courage to stand up and represent the American people. They will lose any credibility they may have left with the American people.

How Dangerous Are Liberals?

FBCStaff-We know who liberals are, but what we don’t know is how far are they willing to go to control us while trampling our liberties.

We know the new owners of many hi-tech companies are friendly with democrats. Face book can now predict how you will vote based on your face book profile and your posts/comments. The Obama phone’s that you paid for are being used to send text messages to their base to urge/tell them how to vote. The day after the loses Tuesday President Obama knew who voted and who didn’t turn out. Does he also know of those who did vote how they voted?

History tells us what happens when liberal’s like George Soros manipulate the economy of a country for monetary gain. They created the federal reserve bank to control the money supply and fund groups like planned parenthood to control the undesirables in society, through abortions and other insidious means.

Now the liberals have access to hi-tech systems that can be used in elections to benefit themselves and control their base.

Liberals/progressives are dangerous because they will let nothing stand in their way to control the voters, including the US Constitution.  This president has no respect for America, us or the constitution.  The next two years are being called the most dangerous for the US since the civil war.

You should not vote against or protest vote, that is what dems do.  Have a system that improves the candidates we pick to represent us.  I use the Buckley system.  First, know the issues and where the candidates stand on the issues.  Second, under vote or skip a race where neither candidate is qualified or conservative. Third, always vote for the most conservative candidate, don’t be misled by progressives who pretend to be conservative.  Vote always vote, even when it hurts.  This is how we defeat liberals and liberalism.

The pushback started this election, are you ready to stand up for your liberties in 2016?